Car Security Tips
Posted by gpstracking, 01/30/2018 10:06 am

For most people, their cars are extensions of their homes. They spend time in the cars every day going to and from work or errands, and they depend on having reliable and readily available transportation. Having a car stolen or vandalized is extremely disruptive, but cars are often targeted by criminals. Drivers who want to protect their automobiles should consider the following security tips.

Use A Car Alarm

Most car key fobs allow the alarm to be enabled with the click of a button. Some cars even feature alarms that send a notification to the user's phone. Although an alarm can't prevent a car from being stolen, it can be an effective method of discouraging a would-be thief who doesn't want attention drawn to his or her actions.

Use A Car Immobilizer

A car immobilizer is a device that prevents the engine from starting if the owner's key is not present. In other words, an immobilizer can discourage a thief who tries to hotwire a car. This works well when the thief doesn't have access to the owner's keys.

Use A Steering Wheel Lock

One of the least expensive options, a steering wheel lock is an anti-theft device that attaches to the steering wheel and keeps it from being turned. While it may be possible to hack a steering wheel lock and remove it, most thieves look for easier options and will pass by a car that has a steering wheel lock.

Use A GPS Tracking Device

A GPS Tracker is a device that uses the global positioning system to track a vehicle's location in real time. In other words, if a car is carrying a GPS tracking device, the owner and the police can know where the car is at all times and thus recover it more easily in the case of theft. To be most effective, a tracker should be well-hidden so that a thief doesn't find it and remove it.

Use Basic Safety Precautions

In addition to using technological tools, make sure to follow basic safety precautions. For example, a car should never be left unlocked and unattended. Any valuables in the car should be stored out of sight in the trunk or under the seat. Never leave the car while it's running, even for a few minutes. An empty car with the key in the ignition is an invitation to a car thief.

By using multiple security devices, including an alarm, a lock, and a GPS tracker, drivers can significantly decrease the chances of losing their car to theft. While none of these measures are guaranteed to deter a determined thief, most criminals will not take the extra time and effort and will instead look for an easier target.

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